This is Krista

Technology that understands people

Krista is a conversational app platform that makes conventional automation obsolete. Not a paradigm shift or the next generation of anything, Krista is a fully formed vision of the future.

You build apps by describing an automation task as a conversation.

If you can write the requirements, you write the program. This conversational nature of Krista works for its users too. Krista learns how to work with you, not the other way around.

Conversations that bring people & systems together

Simple, human connectivity to external systems. Every process automated, from collaboration to collections, in one app, with zero training. With Krista, you can build, deploy and manage automation 10x faster and cheaper.

Conversation is the app.

Everyone can participate because everyone, even your systems, have a common language.

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Krista is built with proven expertise in enterprise software, AI, and cybersecurity.

We provide increased productivity and reduced labor costs along with faster deployment, higher quality and faster user adoption, all without the need for training, and with absolutely zero script maintenance.

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