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How Krista Orchestrates Your DevOps Tool Chain

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Development program managers face dual challenges: moving the development process ahead as quickly and efficiently as possible and maintaining security throughout the process. Krista answers both challenges.

Faster, more efficient development

Krista is a Conversational Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that empowers businesses to build enterprise automation quickly and at a much lower cost than any other platform. Krista’s programming language is conversation. Deployment is a one-click process. Businesspeople are now empowered process authors.

Krista enables non-programmers to author sophisticated automations because of this conversational nature and because it has already been fully integrated with all the major DevSecOps tools and many of those that collaborate with the DevSecOps space. Krista’s speed and lower cost of use are enabled by RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Where are we with the release?

Ever notice how the answer to this question is a subjective one, like “I think we are good” or “I think we are running behind.” The problem is that the answer to this question is locked behind potentially dozens of tools and most of them are not ones that program managers and executive sponsors even know how to use.

Krista knows all those tools, and empowers leadership to ask simple questions and get detailed, precise answers. And to orchestrate people and automation together seamlessly so that the end-to-end process is automated in a compliant and auditable way.

Automated sytstems

Krista automates as fast as you can talk

From integrating people and systems for approvals to preparing an on-demand status report, Krista’s conversational interface is as fast and as easy as saying what you want to do. Krista radically improves the productivity and transparency of the entire development team.

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