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No matter what sector or specialty, our focus is to drive conversation as the foundation for automation everywhere.

Krista cures your Backlog blues

Years ago, I was enjoying a weekend with a very good friend of mine who has made a successful career for himself in the Supply Chain Management sector.  We tried hard to refrain from […]

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backlog blues

The Circular firing squad

A confession I have a huge confession to make. I have been delivering enterprise IT systems for over 25 years (that’s not it :). Often, those systems required training programs, adoption teams, and change […]

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krista by antbrain

Business Process Automation for everyone

In 2011 I received a WhatsApp group invitation from a classmate of yesteryear. Skeptical but not wanting to show disrespect I reluctantly joined. Within a few months, classmates who had settled around the world […]

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