Product Overview

Who is Krista?

Krista is an Intelligent Process Automation Platform. You build applications as a conversation between people and systems and deploy with 1-click into a rich, messaging-like environment that users already understand.

Krista Phone chat

Conversational UI on every device.

If you can text, you already know how to use Krista. Process automation is built and deployed into a messaging platform that has an engaging UI with structured messages and is simple to use. Eliminate the training, frustration, and adoption issues related to new software once and for all.

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Process owners import automation from our catalog and refine in our Studio.

No more IT backlog! Technical skills are not required to create automation with Krista RPA. How? We make automation a conversation between your people and systems. You “program” them both by making requests of them in a conversational manner. Yes, we’ve made it that easy. Import conversations from our catalog, make changes or create your own bespoke processes as if you were writing a screenplay for your people and systems to perform.

Krista conversation

Krista extensions make your IT systems conversational.

Krista software will work with your internal IT, ISVs, and partners by leveraging our domain-specific language (“DSL”). This enables human-like communication. The investment is small and one-time per system. The benefits are vastly quicker development of apps and improved security of their data.

Automated sytstems

Your systems of record remain.

Krista Extensions expose key capabilities with role-based access controls, end-to-end audit trails of who accessed what, and all the management features IT needs like outage windows and permissions management. Conversational AI combined with RPA makes it all so simple.

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