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Krista is a Conversational Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that empowers businesses to build enterprise automation quickly and at a much lower cost than any other platform. Krista’s programming language is conversation. Deployment is a one-click process. Businesspeople are now empowered process authors.

Krista enables non-programmers to author sophisticated automations because of this conversational nature and because it has already been fully integrated with all the major CRM systems and practices many of those that collaborate with the CRM space. Krista’s speed and lower cost of use are enabled by RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How Krista’s CRM Automation works

Krista’s CRM support already contains a catalog of all the common conversational workflows to automate and optimize processes. A user like a salesperson can update a lead, download a report or access data in a process that is as easy as sending a text. Since Krista’s CRM is part of an integrated platform, it automatically engages with a company’s other systems. A user receives a Krista prompt and with a simple click can update a customer data, access forms to close a deal, or update forecasting models like deal status. Krista transforms your CRM practices to CRM ‘best’ practices.

Krista’s ease of use and real-time updates of data and status are important to managers, too. He or she uses the same conversational interface to instantly access updated deal status and to prepare real-time updates to revenue forecasts. With faster, smarter information, a manager can better manage a team and improve sales, as well as improve communications with the marketing department, inventory and other factors in the business chain.

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“Krista is a boon to IT departments, too”

The simplicity of Krista’s conversational development platform makes it accessible to the non-expert. Krista is also a welcome tool for Information Technology (IT) teams. Krista’s CRM speeds development and reduces errors and development backlogs. Since its command structure echoes the desired outcomes of the company’s business decision-makers, IT will be able to develop and launch automation in a more efficient manner, and with a lot less handholding. Yet IT is still in charge of system access, controls, data security, and access rights.

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If you can text, you can Krista.

Krista’s conversational interface is as easy as texting, so the ramp-up time for users is almost instant. Reps and management are so much more productive: no more logging into the CRM, navigating the thousands of features to find what you need, and finally updating status, tasks, and revenue projections. The amount of time saved not only reduces costs, but also significantly improves productivity and business outcomes.

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